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Salon Cerchio (chair.key.o) (circle in Italian) was named because, we have come full circle.

Circles are symbols of teaching, reality, enlightenment and a myriad of things in between. These circles are perfect in their sense of completeness, yet often irregular in the execution of their shape.

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Our circle is meant to be protective and safe. The borders are not sharp and crisp, but rather its edges are feathered, leaving room for the off beat, the imperfect.

The circle is an orb that protects those who are inside of it, but it allows those on the outside of the circle to join in, we are inclusive. The circle is considered a symbol of unity, because all the regular polygons are embraced by the circle. It is also the symbol of infinity, without beginning or end, perfect, the ultimate geometric symbol.

We are a collective group of individuals, some of whom have worked together for years and some of us new to our salon, regardless, we are a supportive group of individuals who are respectful and supportive of our differences.

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